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At Georgetown I teach courses on computers, society, and policy. Currently I teach two courses: FUNdamentals of Technology and the Technology Impact Lab (with Paul Ohm). 

FUNdamentals of technology (CCTP 5006) is required in the spring semester for all first year CCT students. It's a "how to deblack box technology" course  where students spend the semester in groups digging deeply into a chosen technology and produce visual pieces inspired by Anatomy of an AI System.  Here are just a few examples - come visit CCT where these beauties line the hallways. 
Ghost Guns.png

The Technology Impact Lab (6059) (aka Foo Law Lab) creates teams of interdisciplinary students from across the university to work on tech policy projects for real partner organizations. Paul Ohm and I are teaching this class for the first time in Spring 2024, but results of our pilot project with the Center for Democracy and Technology can be found in this Washington Post coverage of our work.  


Below are courses that I regularly offer and intend to offer in the future.  

Digital Law & Policy

Comparative/International Privacy & Surveillance

Archival Methods

Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods

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