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I'm happy to talk to anyone excited about technology policy including reporters and students. Here are a few examples of interviews:

"Illinois businesses slammed with biometric lawsuits," The 21st Show

Google is changing the way ad tracking works,” NPR Marketplace

Before Trying Robot Judges, Let’s Learn from Robot Referees,” Popular Science

Why ‘Tweet Deleters’ are Choosing to Erase their Digital Past,” Spark CBC 

Right to be Forgotten vs. Free Speech,” The Washington Post 

“EU Court Tells Google that People Have ‘The Right to be Forgotten,” NPR 

Georgetown University
Communication, Culture & Technology

Communication, Culture & Technology
Georgetown University
3520 Prospect St. NW, Suite 311
Washington, DC 20057

Phone: 202 687 6618
Fax: 202 687 1720

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