The Digital Consent Project

Seeded by the Georgetown University's Complex Moral Problems grant, the Digital Consent Project builds off of prior work by Meg Leta Jones and is a collaboration that brings together the Ethics Lab and CCT program. Through collaborations with the Ethics Lab staff and with the help of incredible student research assistants, the DCP has produced research on a variety of topics in various disciplines and presented at numerous conferences.

DCP has tackled AI and consent, moral relativism and online consent, the history of digital consent, consent and the future of intimacy, and there is more to come! DCP work has been presented at law, philosophy, engineering, history, and social science conferences.   

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Elizabeth Edenberg and Meg Jones. "The Legal Roots and Moral Core of Digital Consent." New Media & Society (forthcoming 2019). 

Meg Leta Jones. "The Development of Consent to Computing." IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (forthcoming 2019), early access available here.

Meg Leta Jones. "Comparative Ethics of Computing Without Consent." 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technology in Society (ISTAS) Proceedings.

Meg Leta Jones, Elizabeth Edenberg and Ellen Kaufman. "AI and the Ethics of Automating Consent." 16: 3 IEEE Security & Privacy (2018): 64-72.

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DCP RA Fiona Singer is awarded the SFS's Circumnavigators Grant for her proposal  to travel the world studying digital privacy and democracy.

Meg Leta Jones presents her work on the history of digital consent at Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) Annual Meeting.

Elizabeth Edenberg presents DCP research at Privacy Law Scholars Conference-Europe 2018

OF AN ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT GIRLFRIEND and heads to Indiana University for a PhD

Elizabeth Edenberg and Ellen Kaufman present DCP paper "AI and the Ethics of Automating Consent" in at The Brussels Privacy Symposium